Habits You’ll Pick Up in Sri Lanka 0 177

Habits You’ll Pick Up in Sri Lanka 0 178

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Sri Lanka, a beautiful island-nation, grows on the traveller over time. While its distinctly original culture may surprise new visitors at first, they get on well with it before long. Any traveller who has spent a few weeks in Sri Lanka is sure to pick up a few peculiar habits intrinsic to the place. And no, it’s not just the food and drinks that we are talking about.

Here is our list of the top six habits that you’re bound to pick up in Sri Lanka. Don’t believe us? Come and visit the country to find out for yourself!

Eating with your hands

The quintessential Sri Lankan dish of rice and curry is best relished when eaten with your hands. More and more people now agree that when you eat with your hands, food tastes even better. While the art of eating without cutlery may seem tricky at first, it becomes second nature with little practice in a short time.

Enjoying spicy food

Spice, chilli and curry are standard ingredients in almost all Sri Lankan dishes including even breads and short eats. The curries, soups and vegetarian dishes are particularly spicier. But when you round off your meals with a glass of King coconut water, you don’t really feel the heat any more. In fact, the coconut water is a great cleanser of the digestive system.

Drinking tea

With a variety of choices ranging from ceylon black, english breakfast, earl grey and fruity variations, Sri Lanka is a wonderland for tea. Drinking tea is a daily habit in all homes in this country and sooner than later you’ll tempted to join in too. Some 200 km from national capital Colombo, Bandarawela town is a must-visit for its beautiful tea gardens. For accommodation, one can choose from a number of comfortable and decent rooms in Bandarawela to suit every budget.

Getting around on tuk-tuks

In Sri Lanka, the tuk-tuk is the best way to get around the city. They are ubiquitous, so wherever you are, spotting one won’t be difficult. Take the ones that look newer as the old ones are uncomfortable for passengers.

Drinking king coconut water

We are all aware of the medicinal benefits of drinking coconut water. But the king coconut water of Sri Lanka is even better. The King coconut is orange in colour; its water is a bit sweeter and just as refreshing. So wherever you are in Sri Lanka, on the beach, in the restaurant, or the streets, you will always be able to find fresh king coconut water to sip on. The Batticaloa hostel is an affordable accommodation close to the beach and other tourist places in the city.

Drinking ginger beer

Ginger beer is not exactly a Sri Lankan beverage but it has become an intrinsic part of Sri Lankan culture. Try the refreshing and spicy home-made ones which have swollen raisins at the bottom of the bottle and fall in love with ginger-beer all over again.

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