Get Lost in a Kithulgala Adventure 0 290

Get Lost in a Kithulgala Adventure 0 291

Just a few days to wrap up the holiday season? But are you wanting a quick getaway before starting a year of busy routines?

We highly recommend that you try some adventures in Kithulgala, exclusively designed for one day travellers or maybe those on short one-night stays as the city is a short distance from Colombo (approximately 3 – 4 hours) and a 2 – 3 hour drive from the airport.

#YohoTip It is advised to leave as early as possible as water sports are not allowed after 6.00 pm due to safety reasons.

Prepping for Adventure

You could have a morning snack en route or opt to make a quick stop in one of the many breakfast places located in Awissawella and Nittambuwa towns. Make sure to not spend too much time here in order to arrive in Kithulgala before lunch.

Upon arriving in the border of Kithulgala, you will be amazed by the variety of mini adventure stores with huge rafting boats on either sides of the road, confirming that you are indeed in the correct place!

Adventures in Kithulgala

Apart from white water rafting, for which Kithulgala is famous for, there are many more exciting and thrilling activities available. Team 39, Ceylon Adventure Sports, Borderlands are some of the famous adventure groups that will offer to arrange a combination of thrilling activities including white water rafting, stream slides, confidence jump and river expeditions.

For Longer Adventures

If you are planning a two-day tour, you will have more time to experience Rain Forest Adventure Camping in the Kithulgala Forest Reserve, river expeditions, waterfall abseiling, bird watching, forest walks and trails, mountain biking among many other.

Most activities in the area will be available from USD 30 onwards and are suitable for those in search of group travel activities. Adventures in Kithulgala are also great for company out bound trainings on team building opportunities.

If you are looking for some place to stay overnight, Yoho Watawala Lassana is a holiday bungalow that is budget-friendly and ideal for both large groups and couples.

Safety Tips

Here are some safety tips you should adhere while doing activities.

  • Wear comfortable clothing suitable for adventures.
  • Covered sports shoes is mandatory to avoid injuries in feet.
  • Always listen to instructions regardless of however many times you’ve done the activity before.
  • Do not consume liquor and attend activities.

#YohoTip Leeches are common in rainforests. Be sure to have leech cream or gel or use a Sri Lankan home remedy and apply soap and salt on your legs to avoid leech attacks.

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