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If you’ve ever heard anything about Sri Lanka from others who have travelled across the country, you’ve probably heard some great comments about the local cuisine and all the mouthwatering foods that come with the cuisine.

Sri Lankan food is very flavorsome and the various flavor profiles will leave your taste buds dancing and wanting more. One of the reasons why local foods are so flavorful is because of the various locally sourced spices and condiments that are added to the mix.

Spices, condiments and a few other select items have a lot of significance for the country than just adding flavor to their foods that they cook in their households as the country was popularly known back in the day for its various spices and condiments. Everything from cinnamon to coffee has a lot of history in this little island.

If you want to experience the true essence of this paradise island, you cannot leave without learning a thing or two about the spices, condiments and other items that are sourced from this island and distributed all throughout the world.


Cup Of Tea

Ceylonese Tea is known all over the globe and in fact, some of the best teas’ are sourced from all over this little paradise island. If you find yourself in Sri Lanka during your travels, you should never pass up the opportunity to visit a tea field and truly get an idea of how this much loved beverage is sourced and distributed throughout the world.

Tea is a flavour that almost everybody is familiar with but there is nothing quite like Ceylonese tea. Tea was first introduced to the island during the reign of the British so the cultivation of tea is strongly associated with the colonisation.


Sprinkle Of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a well-loved spice all throughout the world. From a sprinkle of cinnamon in your morning coffee to baking pastries that are glazed with cinnamon, the world has certainly grown a love towards the flavor of cinnamon over the years.

Hundreds of years ago, cinnamon was grown locally and this little paradise island was home to some of the highest quality cinnamon. Cinnamon cultivation dates back to the times when Sri Lanka was known as a popular trading hub by merchants from all over the world.

Ceylonese cinnamon is definitely something that you should indulge in during your stay in the country. It would also make a great gift to take back home for your families.


Taste Of Curry

If you’ve ever wondered where the taste in those curries that you had come from, it’s a concoction of a lot of things but the curry leaves that are plopped play a huge role in the overall flavor profile so we suggest trying out this flavor during your stay as much as possible.

There are tons of ways to take some of these spices back home so you can enjoy them in the comfort of your own home. You should definitely take some of these items home for the sake of all these memories you made.

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