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The stress of packing is almost as big as the stress of finding the right place for your holiday. While you may find many packing tips and hacks online the biggest trick is to unclutter your mind when before packing. So here’s a list of the only things you should be focusing on while packing. 

Practice makes perfect: 

While smart packers make it look easy the secret to their success lies in the hits and misses of the past. Research definitely helps, but practice is what makes it perfect. So don’t worry if you don’t get it perfect the first time, learn and hone in on what works so you can make it better every time you travel until you get it right every time.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication:

People who already champion a less is more mindset in life have less trouble packing smart. These people live with fewer things and are still very happy. The secret is investing in quality items that last longer and serve many purposes. Just the same, smart packers remove the sugar coating and still possess standalone basics that mix, layer, and dress up or down as needed. 

Look Ahead

Looking ahead consists of planning, organization, and research. It doesn’t have to be done to the extreme, it just has to be done in advance. Travelers who aren’t excellent planners do better just because they spend a little time with this recipe. Check the weather. Do the laundry. Inventory your toiletries 3 days prior. Easy. All this equates to a good packing experience because you’re not hit with any surprises the night before you take off.

Have I got too much?

Smart packers don’t think in terms of, “Have I got enough?” Instead, they think in terms of, “Have I got too much?” It’s the glass half full concept applied to travel, and it’s amazing what this change in mindset can do for packing habits.

Confidence is key.

Second guessing and worry leads to last­ minute extras being tossed in the bag, but smart packers remain confident. They know it might not be in the same way, or to the same quality, but people do live in places all across the globe. Forgetting an extra shirt or umbrella is only going to cost a few bucks and a little time at your destination. Stay confident, and play the worst case scenario game if you start to flounder.

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