Exploring Kandy During the Esala Perahera 0 177

Exploring Kandy During the Esala Perahera 0 178

Kandy is home to the islands central hill country and Sri Lankas most colourful and historical pageant, the Esala Perahera. If you happen to visit the sleepy city of Kandy during August, you will find it coming to life with its Perahera, exuding colour, lights, dancers, elephants and lots more excitement. It’s also the busiest time to visit but the city offers much more than just the Perahera. For those of you  looking to make the most of this festive  time then read on for more places in Kandy and around the area to explore while visiting the city for its famed Perahera.

Kandy Lake

In Kandy weather patterns are a bit different than Colombo. The climes of Kandy are cooler and welcoming and the best way to experience the city’s natural beauty is through a stroll by Kandy Lake. The city as many will tell you was the last stronghold to be taken over by the British.
The lake was made by King Wikrama Rajasinhe and if it could talk the many tales it could tell. Namely that, Rajasinghe built a secret tunnel which runs from the island situated at the centre of the lake all the way to the Palace. To this day it remains the town’s most iconic landmark and a stroll in the evening as the city unwinds is a beautiful way to appreciate its calming waters.

Giragama Tea Plantation
What would a Sri Lanka tour be without a visit to one of its luscious tea gardens ? The country is famed for its tea exports and not to mention its colonial nickname of Ceylon is synonymous with tea. Here is where expectation meets opportunity at the Giragama Tea Plantation.
The plantation is located a little above 600 metres above sea level and is just a little away from the city. If you can manage the time the tour of the plantation offers an up close view of tea bushes and the science behind the refinery of the different types of teas from Earl Grey to Green. The best part is the little museum on site which offers lots of amazing photo ops.

A visit to the Udawattakele Forest Reserve

The wildlife sanctuary at Udawattakele was said to have been the one time pleasure gardens where ancient Kings of Kandy would roam. However, today a different species of mammals have come to call the forest reserve home. If you happen to be a bird lover then this is a must for you and some of the sightings of bird species are very rare.

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