Explore Wildlife in Wilpattu 0 233

Explore Wildlife in Wilpattu 0 234

Are you a nature lover who wishes to see animals in their natural habitat? If yes, national parks is one of the best ways to experience nature at its best and what better place to begin your explorations if not at the oldest national park in Wilpattu? Did you know that the word “Wil” in Tamil means natural lakes, “pattu” means ten (10) and together the combination forms “Wilpattu” meaning 10 natural lakes! However, following its formation and official introduction as a National Park in 1938, they have discovered more than ten willus within the national park. 

Apart from Yala, Wilpattu is the next best National Park you can visit to catch sight of Sri Lanka’s big cats. You can identify Sri Lankan leopards from their rusty yellow coat with dark spots and close-set rosettes. The probability of spotting leopards during your safari are higher in Wilpattu than in Yala as it is a calmer park in comparison. In addition to leopards, Wilpattu has become home to 31 mammals species such as elephants, sloth bears, water buffalo , sambhurs, spotted deer, and mongoose.

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Safe safaris!

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