Educational Trips in Sri Lanka 0 233

Educational Trips in Sri Lanka 0 234

Golden Temple of Dambulla

Are you are a parent who constantly thinks about the type of holiday to take your grade-school children on? If the answer is yes, this article might is for you. Educational trips can be fun and interesting. If you are a family travelling from overseas, a mini-educational tour around Sri Lanka is a great idea. Such a tour will keep both children and parents entertained. This is also the best way to bond and communicate with your children. If it is something you shared and have done with your own parents, you will surely know why.

While there are many places to go here are our best and favourite educational trips.


A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Dambulla is around 150 km off Colombo. Belonging to the cultural triangle, the city also has the infamous Cave Temple also known as the Golden Temple of Dambulla. The temple is one of the largest preserved temple complexes in the country. Dating back to 1 BC there are five caves under this massive rock. The inner part of the cave ceilings are painted of Lord Buddha, Bodhisattvas and other various diety. The monastery functions upto date ain one of the oldest ancient structures in the country. History states King Valagamba of Anuradhapura built the temple in gratitude. This was for the 15 years he spent in hiding after having being exiled from his own kingdom. Travelling to Dambulla with your children can be adventurous. The trip will include a bit of rock climbing, history lessons and can even happen over a weekend.


Checked off visiting temple in Dambulla and want to continue your educational tour? Polonnaruwa should be your next destination of choice. One of the most important kingdoms in Sri Lanka, it is a UNESCO Heritage Site and a part of the cultural triangle. If your kids are not aware of the kingdom, visiting the Archeological Museum first would be a splendid idea. King Parakramabahu was among the greatest rulers during his time and has left many a sight to see when in Polonnaruwa.

Want something more than ruins and views of large tanks? Why not head to Minneriya or Kaudulla National Park on your way back to Colombo? If you are lucky enough to be travelling between July and September, make sure to witness the elephant gathering.

Sinharaja Forest Reserve

Have you ever tried camping with your family? Or better, has there been another exceptional way to educate your children while on holiday if not for camping? The Sinharaja Forest Reserve is perfect and is the only remaining tropical rainforest in the country. The reserve is a declared UNESCO heritage site and among our most preserved treasures. With a number of endemic flora, fauna and species (mammals, reptiles, bird etc) a day tour or even camping for the brave, is worth the visit. The best time for an unforgettable camping experience is from December to April. This is great as it will be school holidays and even Christmas holidays for the adults.

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