Discover: Sigiriya 0 241

Discover: Sigiriya 0 242


Sigiriya or Singhagiri (Lion Rock) is an ancient rock fortress located in the northern Matale district near the town of Dambulla in the Central province of Sri Lanka. According to the ancient Sri Lankan chronicle ‘Culavamsa’, this site was selected by king Kasyapa for his new capital. He built his palace on top of the rock and decorated it with beautiful frescoes, which are world famous to this day and Sigiriya Sri Lanka itself is considered one of the best preserved examples of ancient urban planning.

The drive to this fantastic rock is rather a long one (Approximately 4 hours and 8 minutes from Colombo via Ambepussa – Kurunagala – Trincomalee Highway) Therefore picking out a place to stay in advance is a smart option to take and Yoho Bed offers some unique places to check into and stay at irregardless the duration of your trip. I’d recommend Yoho Lion Road as it is only 0.61 Kms s from the majestic rock itself! This place also has a very homely feel to it, so once you’re done climbing the rock and basking in it’s glory one can literally feel like they are coming back to their home to rest up after their expedition.

Sigiriya rock is definitely a place to see, this palace gives one an insight into what it was like to live like a king in the ancient times. The walk to the rock itself is quite the adventure as one will encounter rock pools and beautiful lush gardens that add to an already peaceful ambience of the place. Keep in mind that it will get very hot especially during the April – May months, however the area in general is hot, so take lots of water and stay hydrated!

Dambulla town itself has a few places to visit, most notably for a cricket lover as it is the home of the Rangiri, Dambulla Cricket Stadium . This is considered one of the world’s most picturesque grounds as it is surrounded by jungle on one side and the Sigiriya rock on the other, giving anyone inside the ground the opportunity not only to watch their favourite sport but to soak in some culture as well. 

Don’t forget the beautiful Minneriya National Park, which is well known for its tuskers! The park is great for safaris as it’s not too crowded and is neatly tucked away from heavy human traffic. Best times to visit would be early morning and mid – evenings to see the tuskers roam about looking for water.  Also if the hike up Sigiriya has not drained you out yet, there’s always the climb to Pidurangala rock for a spectacular view of the entire area (Don’t forget your cameras or Smart phones to take pictures!)

All in all a trip to Sigiriya is a must if you’re on holiday in Sri Lanka or you’re a local in need for an adventure.

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