Discover: Ella 0 338

Discover: Ella 0 339

Looking for a quick getaway? Or a perfect base to relax yourself? Then Ella is where you ought to be. The lonely planet of nature and its waterfalls are blessed with a perfect and soothing climate. With the weather between 22°C – 26°C  during day time and minus 20°C in the night time.

Who doesn’t want to spend some private time with the family and the loved ones in the cool climate of Ella? Yes, there are plenty of hotels to lie down on a complacent bed with a nice, energising sip of famous, strong Ceylon tea and this is a good place to start your search! Do you want to find a place in Ella area which fits the size of your wallet? Then, we got you covered  to some great accommodation with the promise of A/C rooms, Breakfast, Free WiFi, TV, Spotless Linen and clean washrooms. Basically everything a modern traveller would look for. Ella Sri Lanka hotels also serve you the best food complemented by the famous blend of Ceylon tea. 

Ella’s nightlife is another adventure that you ought to experience. A good night of beer in twenty degrees is just the remedy to come instead of the tooting of horns in the city of Colombo. At night, there is always a bed of stars above your head so clear that it is even deemed, magical.

While in Ella be sure to walk along the rails on iconic Nine Arch Bridge, an Instagram-worthy and beautiful location most travellers seek after. 

For all those who are backpackers, Ella is a perfect destination for adventurous travel and budget accommodation. Camping is also another interesting activity to do while in Ella. Speak to your hotel’s front office and they should be able to guide you on hikes and similar adventures.  What more you can ask for?

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