Ultimate Checklist When Choosing Travel Insurance 0 156

Ultimate Checklist When Choosing Travel Insurance 0 157



Travel insurance is hardly a concern to most while planning a trip. As it turns out, travel insurance is quite useful in precarious circumstances. It makes sure that you are safe from and after unforeseen circumstances. For example, travel insurance will cover your basic clothing expenditure if you have lost your bag. Similarly, if your flight from Sri Lanka has been cancelled or delayed due to some reason, insurance will put you up at one of the hotels in Tangalle or another destination of convenience.

Here are a few points you must check your list for while buying travel insurance:

The covered destinations

Travelling to a single place like Sri Lanka makes it easy for you to choose the cover. However, if you’re visiting multiple countries ensure that the particular destinations are covered in the policy. It is advisable to include all the destinations counting stop-over terminuses as well.

Emergency situations

While it is quite unfortunate, a natural disaster like a fire in your hotel is not unimaginable and can be disastrous. Make sure that your policy covers such situations. If you’re staying at one of the hotels in Unawatuna such as Yoho Godawatta Homestay and injure yourself on the beach, the cover will provide for your travel to the hospital. In case you need to be flown back to your home country due to a serious injury or ailment, the policy should cover your travel expenses.

Medical cover

You may possibly witness a medical problem at any point in time and therefore, you should opt for a policy with a considerable cover on medical expenses. The main reason to go for a high cover is to ensure that your hospital bills are covered in case you need serious medical attention. A medical cover is highly recommended for those with pre-existing medical conditions such as heart diseases, mental illness, or pregnancy, etc.

Personal belongings

Travel insurance usually covers your personal belongings if they get damaged or lost. You should, however, check exactly how much you are covered for and which items are provided for in the policy. You must make sure it covers all your belongings. If it doesn’t, you must get it upgraded for the safety of your valuable items. You may consider getting supplemental insurance for stuff like a laptop or a camera as well.


Valuable items like your passport, phone, laptop, sunglasses, and jewellery are usually not included in lower or basic level policies. Make sure to read the ‘Product Disclosure Statement’ to understand the details of the valuables covered in the policy. If they aren’t, you should get the policy upgraded to protect them against damage or loss.

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