Cafés in Colombo with WiFi as Strong as their Coffee 0 201

Cafés in Colombo with WiFi as Strong as their Coffee 0 202

If you’ve got a ton of e-mails to send, or you simply want to scroll through the latest movie reviews, it’s always nicer do to so with a nice steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee by your side. Colombo has a ton of cafes all over the city that provide good coffee and decent, sometimes even great, WiFi connections. So, whether you’re trying to get away from the monotony of your office, or just killing some time, settle down in a comfy chair, and enjoy the cool AC and relaxing cafe ambiance of the city’s best WiFi enabled cafes.


Located on Havelock Road, near a couple of affordable guesthouses like Yoho Asoka Gardens, this cafe honestly doesn’t look all that appealing from the outside, but inside, the spacious interior, diverse menu and good wifi makes it the perfect place to park yourself for a couple of hours. The WiFi here is pretty good on most days, and thanks to all the seating, it’s a great place to meet with friends. If you would rather just settle down in a quiet corner and work, there’s two more private rooms where you won’t be disturbed. Best of all, there are plenty of plug-points located all around the cafe so you don’t need to worry about claiming one as soon as you walk in.

Hansa Cafe

This tiny cafe, located on Fife Road, with its small obscure exterior is a hidden gem, known mostly to locals who come here to enjoy the strong local coffee and chocolates they serve. There’s not a lot of seating here, but customers are encouraged to share tables if there’s room, so do ask if you see a free seat. The WiFi here is generally good on most days and the staff are happy to help if you need to plug in your charger near the counter. Be warned – poetry sessions take place here at least once a month and on those days, the cafe is packed!

Cup Cafe

Cup Cafe is a small, but comfy cafe located in the Mount Lavinia suburb, a popular spot for both foreigners and locals alike, thanks to the many hotels restaurants, shops, and of course, the Mount Lavinia Beach strip. There’s plenty of seating, booths and armchairs and plug-points available at every corner. The food and drinks are pretty good, the service is great, but best of all, the WiFi is fast. It’s not as crowded as other cafes and that’s perfect if you want to work in peace!

Java Lounge

Java Lounge has branches all over Colombo – they provide really good coffee and food, and occasionally, really good WiFi. The only problem with this cafe is that it can get really crowded in the evenings, making it difficult to find a seat for yourself. However, if you head there in the afternoon, you can generally find some seating, although you may need to share a plug-point with other laptop users. The Java Lounge on Jawatte Road – Colombo 5, is the largest cafe and is also conveniently situated just minutes away from affordable hotels like Yoho Torrington Avenue.

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