Burger Joints in Sri Lanka 0 167

Burger Joints in Sri Lanka 0 168

Sri Lanka isn’t only good for its homegrown rice and curry, but interestingly does a good job with its own twist for its very own burgers. There are a number of places to try that offer really good burgers and here are a few of our favourite options.

Colombo is full of cafes, pubs and restaurants that do a good job in serving up burgers.

The Commons Coffee House located conveniently to Yoho 5th Lane does a good variety of tasty burgers with their own twist (for example: the triple decker burger!). Their burger menu prices vary from LKR 650 to 1,400, so choose wisely.

The Sugar Bistro & Wine Bar also offers a unique burger in the form of the Sugar Burger (look out for the Burger Kart if you happen be out dancing on a Friday night). A basic burger of LKR 750, but it’s a really filling burger especially if you’re having a good night.

If you’re in the mood to have a variety of drinks along with your burger try out The Sandwich Factory. The setup will make you feel like you stepped into a 70s diner, like something out of an Archie comics book! The prices here are quite moderate depending on what one may choose to order. 

Other budget-friendly options include Fazly’s Halal Restaurant (formerly known as ‘Burgers King’) down Slave Island, which has its humble beginnings from a mere kart that is now a booming business. The Chicken Cordon Bleu comes highly recommended for first timers. Another great spot of a similar budget is Burgers Hut in Dehiwala. With a very colourful menu with various interesting varieties as a well as their own twist on the cordon bleu. Both places have similar pricing (LKR 450 upwards) and is quite worth the quantity and quality of food.

When in Mirissa and looking out for a good lunch spot, try out the burgers at the Yoho Mirissa Hostel and you will not be disappointed! Now if you’re staying in Galle, stay at Yoho Pedler’s Street and find the Original Rocket Burger nearby and check out their menu. A personal favourite of oursis the Gringo Burger. 

What are your recommendations for burger joints in Sri Lanka? 

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