Breakfast Places around Sri Lanka 0 220

Breakfast Places around Sri Lanka 0 221

Most Sri Lankan cuisine is a fine accharuwa or pickle of our colonial past, traders back in the day and other immigrants who came to the country. While there is the authentic cuisine that still remains sacred in some parts of the country, let’s admit it, some of the best of food is often times a fine blend of mixed cuisines. 

On the topic of cuisines, breakfast is one my favourite meals of the day and one I consider to be most important. Naturally, being a breakfast buff, I do enjoy my food at home and also find great joy in discovering places that offer equally great breakfast menus.


Colombo has many places that serve Sri Lankan, international and my favourite all-day breakfasts and here are some of worthy of checking out. 

Taprobane at Cinnamon Grand breakfast is an all-time favourite location and they serve Sri Lankan, continental and Indian cuisines in the mornings. At other times of the day they also have Italian as well. Their breakfast buffet is a little on the higher end of the spectrum but if you go in hungry, you won’t be disappointed. Did I also mention that they are open 24/7? 

Cafe on the 5th located at Colombo 03 serves a variety of local and international food at a very reasonable rate. The place has been there for years and they have short eats, sandwiches, burgers and other Sri Lankan cuisine. If you want to have a morning away from the city, this is the place to go, especially if you’ve been spending the night at Yoho City the night before. The only downside to Cafe on the 5th is that they don’t accept credit or debit cards, so do take some notes with you.

One Up All Day Breakfast & Coffee is an Aussie theme cafe run by few guys. The place is small and fits around five tables but the food is awesome. Located opposite St Peter’s College, the all-day cafe has a limited but in no way disappointing menu. The price is a bit on the higher end, but you will savour every bit that you eat. The vibe at One Up is funky and very green (they have a lot of in-house plants). So for all those who want to have breakfast in the morning or anytime before 04pm, do check it out. Also, our property Yoho Vajira Road is just around the corner!


Kandy the last kingdom of Sri Lanka that not only has an abundance of culture and history but also a wide range of hotels, restaurants and cafes. If you want to have some Sri Lankan or Western food for breakfast, Empire Cafe is ideal. The vegetarian-friendly place is a cafe cum restaurant that is closely situated to the Temple of the Tooth and located in lower level of the Olde Empire Hotel, which is been around since 1890. The menu is a little limited but is exciting and accompanied by wide range of juices, coffee and tea. If you want to try the food and do a bit of sightseeing, staying and planning to visit Kandy our property at Yoho Inn Street is a great choice.

Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay one of Sri Lanka’s popular surfing destination on the East Coast. There are many tourists in this area and you often find people walking in the beach with their surfing boards. Hideaway Resort serves some of the best cup of coffee in Arugam Bay and is a great place for breakfast. They also offer a delicious smoothie bowl and even some avocado, poached egg or chocolate and orange bread pudding in french toast are a few favourites. The meals are bit on the pricey side but definitely worth a stop. Our property at Yoho Beach Hut Road is a great place to stay if you are in the area.


Galle is one of Sri Lanka’s most visited cities in the Southern Coast. Peddlers Street and Galle Dutch Fort has an abundance of places you can grab some delicious breakfast from. If you want fresh and quirky breakfast Poonie’s Kitchen is the place to stop by. They have some clean and healthy breakfasts like granola and coconut yogurt with fruit and chia seeds or banana bread and homemade passionfruit butter along with fresh juices such as gotukola or hibiscus. They also have some great coffee if you are in the mood for a cuppa. Our property Yoho Nugaduwa is comfortable and a good place to be based at.


Jaffna right at the northern part of the country is a long ride from Colombo and when it comes to breakfast, Mangos is a pure vegetarian Indian restaurant, cafe and bakery you ought to try out. Situated close to Nallur Kovil and Rio Ice Cream Parlour, you will not miss this!. Their dosais are a definite crowd pleaser and our property Yoho Til Jaffna is a great stay you can enjoy Jaffna and its cuisine from. 

These are some of my favourites, what are yours? 

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Nastashia Ekanayake is a travel enthusiastic who enjoys travelling solo when budget and time permit. Having currently moved back to Sri Lanka, she functions as an administration professional by day and wanderer and foodie by night. She enjoys journaling her adventures, exploring the joys of Instagram and looking up her next travel destination.

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