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Best Museums of Sri Lanka to Visit 0 215

When you imagine your trip to the island paradise Sri Lanka, relaxing on some of the most beautiful sandy beaches or engaging in thrilling outdoor sports might be some of the first things that come to mind. But did you know that a trip to the museum is also one of the best things to do in this amazing land. Giving you a glimpse into the history and traditions that have made this land as remarkable as it is, these museums act as rich treasure troves of knowledge that will create an enriching holiday experience.

Why visit museums?

  • They are a rich source of information about the culture and heritage of Sri Lanka
  • Museums are popular hangouts for locals and is a great place to meet like-minded individuals
  • Access to museums in Sri Lanka are quite affordable – so they are great for budget friendly travel
  • You can help support conservation and preservation efforts in this beautiful land
  • A trip to the museum can be fun and make you feel good!

As you can see, a visit to a museum is a truly rewarding experience, so take a look at some of the best museums of Sri Lanka you can visit during your holiday.

  • The National Museum of Colombo

The National Museum of Colombo is one of the major attractions you simply cannot miss during your trip to Sri Lanka. Built way back in 1877, this is the oldest and largest museums found in the island. This museum boasts of a large collection of artefacts including the golden throne and crown of the King of Kandy and 9th-century bronze Bodhisattva Sandals among many others. Apart from historical artefacts you can also visit the Natural heritage section that showcases many rare and endemic plant and animal species. Located in the heart of Colombo 7, you can reach this site within a short trip from any of our properties in Colombo, so feel free to hop on a bus or take a taxi to this iconic landmark and spend about half a day witnessing the wonders of Sri Lanka under one roof.

  • The many museums in Galle

If you are travelling to Sri Lanka, a trip to the southern capital city Galle will definitely be on top of your list. While the many attractions like Galle Fort, Lighthouse and the entire old town could keep you busy, there are also quite a number of museums located in close proximity. Among these, the National Museum of Galle is a main attraction. Located in oldest Dutch building found in the city, the museum boasts of several attractions separated into 3 main galleries; the cottage industry related section, the segment highlighting furniture and weaponry from the Dutch era and the third segment which is known as the Sri Lanka China Friendship Gallery.

The National Maritime Museum is another key attraction which unfortunately suffered major damages during the tsunami tragedy. But after many successful restoration efforts the museum was reopened again and serves as a remarkable display of many marine artefacts found throughout Sri Lankan history. The historical Mansion Museum and Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Museum Complex, Koggala – set up to honour the great Sri Lankan author are also popular attractions worth visiting. If you find yourself lounging in your accommodation in Galle, you might want to take a short trip and enjoy a history lesson in one of these inspirational museums.

  • National Museum of Ratnapura

This museum is also referred to as the Ehelepola Museum, because it is housed in the Ehelepola Walawwa – the home of one of the iconic Sri Lankan heroes, Ehelepola Nilame. The museum is home to several artefacts including inventions and fossils from the prehistoric era and several other traditional displays. Ratnapura is also well-known as the city of gems so you can catch a glimpse of some of the finest jewellery and also learn more about the industry.

  • The National Museum of Kandy

Another of the main National museums of Sri Lanka is the National Museum of Kandy. This museum is located in the Royal Palace Complex which also houses the most revered Temple of the Sacred Tooth or Dalada Maligawa. Apart from the magnificent display of artefacts mainly from the Kandyan era the museum is also a great place to witness some of the best traditional architectural styles.

Other famous museums:

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