5 Tips for an Ideal Day on the Beach 0 148

5 Tips for an Ideal Day on the Beach 0 149


Everyone knows that the beach is probably the best place to find peace, relaxation and free our mind when we get overwhelmed by the humdrum of everyday life. Spending the day outdoors, under the sun, with the wind in your hair and the sand under your feet and seeing the gentle waves of the ocean hitting the shore is indeed one of the best time one can have. The island country of Sri Lanka has beautiful tropical beaches. International travellers visiting the beaches of Sri Lanka can put up in the comfy budget hotels in Mirissa and Bentota of Yoho Bed during their stay in the country.

As you plan your ideal day on the beach, have a look at our tips for a perfect beach day to make your time in the beach even more enjoyable.

Choose the right beach

You must choose a beach depending on what you feel and the kind of experience you are expecting from your beach day. Each beach will have a different aura to it. So if you want a quiet place to relax, you may choose a peaceful, relatively less crowded one. Otherwise, if the beach is crowded with locals and tourists or there’s a party going on, your very reason behind spending a day by the beach will get defeated.

Choose the right time to go

Again, it’s also worth spending time on deciding which time to go to the beach. The time of the year, the season and the prevailing weather do affect your beach experience. You know you don’t want to mar your chances of having the perfect day at the beach by going on a really hot day or when there is going to be a heavy downpour. Also if you visit the beach on a weekday, you won’t face any hassle in finding enough space to spread out and also getting parking space for your vehicle.

Check on the amenities

Don’t forget to check the amenities available by the beach. Some beaches have decent public rest-rooms while others don’t. Good parking facilities, access to shops selling snacks or beach accessories could make things convenient for you.

Pack your bag with all the essentials

It is important that you carry a bottle of sunscreen lotion and apply it every couple of hours and also every time after you take a dip in the water for maximum protection. Also take sunglasses, a cap or hat and a big umbrella so that you can get some shade in case the heat becomes a little too much to bear. You may also carry some books or magazines for reading, an i-pod for music and also extra towels to enjoy your day. Keep beach toys to a minimum, because the more you bring, the more you have to cart back, and also the more likelihood of losing your stuff.

Plan your meal

Do carry some fun snacks and maybe a meal including sandwiches and also desserts because you will be hungry after a while. Remember to avoid any kind of food or dessert which may get spoiled in the heat. Also take lots of clean and fresh drinking water to avoid dehydration.

These are some tips and suggestions for making your beach day even better. Ultimately, it is all about relaxing and enjoying your time with near and dear ones.

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