How to Not Let the Weather Rain on Your Holiday 0 244

How to Not Let the Weather Rain on Your Holiday 0 245


We agree with you. The weather these days is horrid. Monsoon rains to bright scorching moments of sunlight lasting approximately twenty-eight minutes and then wind that has you screaming “Monroe”. We understand. As permanent residents of the country, the weather is something us islanders have never gotten used to. From scolding the skies when it rains to hard (like these days) to scolding it back when the sun shines too bright. Here are four ways to help you make the most of your holiday.

Be Weather Ready

It’s exactly what it sounds like! Just as you would in London, have an umbrella with you. If you observe Lankans carefully though, you would see that most locals carry an umbrella for both rain and shine! They even come now in the handy-pocket size, so no complaining.

If you are out and about on an adventure, then a pair of rubber slippers in your backpack wouldn’t hurt. Imagine wearing sneakers on a gloomy muddy morning and then arriving at your sunny beach destination, four hours later? A pair of rubber slippers, or no slippers, your pick, ought to put that smile back into your face.

Don’t Trust the Met Department

A lot of locals would probably tell you the same too. The Met department and local weather updates don’t always provide accurate weather updates. There is a greater chance of you finding out the day’s weather by doing two (obvious) things. One is to look at the sky. Second is to ask you host at Yoho Neth Ama Homestay, who probably has the wisdom that our Met department doesn’t!

But then again, if you are already weather ready, unless we are speaking flood-storms, there is no big reason as to why you shouldn’t brave the weather!

Have a General Idea of a Country’s Weather Patterns

So the Met department wouldn’t help, but Google can be more reliable. Before travelling to a country, do a bit of research on culture, ethics, tipping and so on. It would also be a good idea to read up on weather patterns and know when not to climb Sigiriya. While it’s reasonable to be annoyed at unexpected rain showers or too many days of direct sunlight, travelling without pre-research cannot be excused.

Moreover, a country like Sri Lanka is pretty basic when it comes to its seasons. It either rains or it doesn’t. Sometimes there is an in-between stage but usually, it’s pretty straightforward. Most attractions and touristy things in the country too revolve around general climatic conditions. For example, our national parks. So having a bit of knowledge before travelling will only make you prepared for what is to come.

Have Multiple Activities Planned

So yes you did your research. But it did rain on you. For times like this, it is always a swell idea to have multiple activities planned. While the country as a whole doesn’t have too many things to do indoors, if you are closer to the city, catching a movie is always a good idea. There are multiple sites to book them online ( and and some mobile service providers even allow you to book via phone.

So whose ready to take Sri Lanka by storm?

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