Things to do on Your Bachelor’s Trip to Sri Lanka 0 344

Things to do on Your Bachelor’s Trip to Sri Lanka 0 345

Bachelor's Trip to Sri Lanka

Most would agree that the foundation of a memorable bachelor’s trip is the right destination. And what better place to have it than in Sri Lanka! It’s essential that you know the chosen destination through and through as you want to have an enjoyable time at the place you’ll be toasting the end of your single years to.

Sri Lanka is an apt destination, as you want to choose a place where you can have your share of fun without completely blowing the wedding budget. Below, we have suggested a few places within Sri Lanka that should be on your list when you go on that exciting bachelor’s trip-

For A Party That Never Ends

At Hikkaduwa, which is one of the popular sunshine towns in Sri Lanka, you’ll come across all the attributes that make a great party destination. You’ll come across infinite parties that take place on numerous beaches, playing incredible music and that whip up the best drinks for excited partygoers. In addition to this, Hikkaduwa has a number of bars, restaurants as well as accommodation options to spend the rest of the night in, should you feel like leaving the jamboree!

Get Adventurous In Arugam Bay

Many have cited Arugam bay as ‘east coast’s most traveller-friendly destination’; wonder why? Arugam Bay has been rated as one of the top ten surf spots in Asia, which is why it is a hotspot for tourists on the hunt for surf, sand and sun. Here, you have a chance to ride amazing waves with your other adrenaline junkie friends. Moreover, Arugam Bay’s offerings do not end here. One of the other reasons people want to return to the place is the delicious local cuisine. Popular dishes include sizzling fish and spicy jumbo prawns, all fresh from the ocean, are considered to be the best in the whole island.

Sightseeing in Anuradhapura

The ruins of Anuradhapura are considered to be amongst one of South Asia’s most evocative sights. Permeated with archaeological and architectural wonders, the ruins are a must-visit. The sprawling complex comprises of a rich collection of brick stupas and crumbling temples that were built during Anuradhapura’s thousand years of rule over Sri Lanka. The town has a museum-like ambience and for those of you who appreciate the history of the country should definitely make a visit to Anuradhapura. A popular tourist spot, finding accommodation here is easy as many Anuradhapura hotels are located in close proximity to the ruins. For example, Yoho Galwalla Road’s close proximity to many historical sites makes it ideal to explore the greatness of Anuradhapura.

Cycle on the Backroads of Sri Lanka

Even though Sri Lanka is a small island, it is incredibly diverse. If you wish to experience this diversity closely, then there is no better way than to do it on two wheels. This will allow you to take in the scenic as well as cultural beauty of the island, while giving you the opportunity to interact with the locals. Most trips cover a major part of the island and are guaranteed to give you a taste of the island of serendipity.

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