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If you always find yourself secretly humming Madagascar’s theme song, perhaps you should get a move on it! Here are some of the best ways to stay physically fit during your Lankan holiday.

Scale Mountains

Climb mountains like Adam’s Peak, Knuckles and Pidurutalagala. Sri Lanka is home to several standalone peaks and mountain ranges for the avid adventure enthusiast to explore on foot.

Want your excursion to double as a cultural and historical sightseeing tour? Pick mountains like Ritigala or Adam’s Peak.

The former features ancient ruins, while the latter bears a divine footprint. Each of the island’s main religions claims the imprint as its own. Depending on which you choose to go with, the footprint belongs either to Lord Buddha, Lord Shiva or Adam.

Brave the Rapids

Whitewater rafting is one of the best activities in Sri Lanka for adrenaline junkies. And Kithulgala is the best spot for it. The Kelani River which runs through the town offers grade 2 and 2 rapids for thrill seekers to enjoy.

Some months are better than others for this sport, depending on whether or not it’s monsoon season. Generally, the second half of the year, from May to December is considered ideal. Remember to keep this in mind when planning your itinerary.

#YohoTip For more things that you can do in Kithulgala, check out this article.

Go Cycling

Cycling ranks among the most easily-accessible outdoor activities to do in Sri Lanka. You can find a bicycle for hire in both urban and rural locales on the island.

For example, if you’re in Colombo, you can rent a bicycle at the Independence Square Park located in Cinnamon Gardens. The small, hidden-away bicycle shack there rents out cycles for a few hundred rupees per hour.

If you’re off touring Sri Lanka’s national parks, such as Horton Plains, you can hire bicycles there as well. Cycling tours are also a popular activity in many tourist-inclined towns and villages. Just ask around.

Conquer the Waves

Get in a few good rounds of surfing down south or along the east coast. Towns like Arugam Bay are famous for featuring good surf spots and attract quite a few global surfers.

In fact, keep an eye out for them the next time you’re at the Sri Lankan airport. You can often spot at least a few tourists hauling plastic-wrapped surfboards off the luggage carousels.

Explore Forests and National Parks

Exploring the great outdoors counts among the most popular things to do in Sri Lanka for tourists. Go trekking and hiking in places like the Sinharaja Rainforest and the Horton Plains National Park in the hill country.

Not only is it a good workout, you’ll also be able to breathe fresh air and enjoy stunning views. Here is a longer list for some of the wildlife enthusiasts reading this.

Explore the World Under the Sea

Seaside destinations in Sri Lanka like Hikkaduwa, are great for snorkelling and diving.

To get started, find a local dive centre, such as the International Diving School. Centres like these generally provide everything you need. This includes renting out gear and offering PADI courses if you need them.

The waters off the shore of Hikkaduwa are also blessed with interesting dive sites including reefs, caves and wrecks. If you like the sound of exploring these, spend a day or two in town. There’s plenty of budget-friendly accommodation in Hikkaduwa. Have a look at options like Yoho Banja Villa; their rooms are air-conditioned and they offer free WiFi.

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