A Dreamer’s Guide to Gregory Lake in Nuwara Eliya 0 280

A Dreamer’s Guide to Gregory Lake in Nuwara Eliya 0 281

Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian Ocean, is home to many picturesque sights including Gregory Lake in Nuwara Eliya. When a traveller dreams of visiting a lake, what do they imagine? A blanket of mist or a backdrop of sunlight? Placid waters or a distracting splash here and there? An eerie quiet or a palpable rush? Whatever you imagine, Gregory Lake has it all.

Gregory Lake – A quick guide

Location                              Nuwara Eliya, Central Province

Distance from Colombo 180 km

Altitude                                1,868 m

Mean temperature         16 degree Celsius

Best time to visit             April – during the festivities of the Sinhalese New Year

Must do                             Jet-ski (approx. LKR 1000), picnic by the lake

Restaurants nearby      Salmiya (400 m from lake), Calamander (200 m from lake)

And imagine you must

Close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting along the lakeside on pleasantly cold wooden benches.

As the sun dances across the sky, the dense perpetual fog atop Gregory Lake gradually parts like curtains in a theatre. Henceforth, the sight that greets you is nothing short of a spectacle: the clean blue waters, the lush green rolling embankments, the jagged mountains in the background, the neat little rows of anchored boats, the earthy and tiled footpaths, and, of course, the canopies and picnic tables by the water. Now, open your eyes and

pack your bags, because you’re off to Gregory Lake

Once you’re in Sri Lanka, there are two ways to go about reaching Gregory Lake.

One, you drop your bag at one of the Yoho hotels in Colombo, we suggest you take the utterly scenic five-hour route via Hatton where you’ll encounter gorgeous waterfalls and Talakawelle tea estates on the way.

Second, put up in one of the hotels in Nuwara Eliya near Gregory Lake, such as the sprawling Yoho Upper Lake Road bungalow. The idyllic accommodation starts at LKR 7,956 and can be a lovely base camp for one of the greatest experiences of your life.   

Because Gregory Lake is where you can meet your inner daydreamer and adventurer

In 1873, British governor Sir William Gregory converted a bog into the modern day Gregory Lake, a reservoir whose sole purpose was to provide electricity to the tea country hill city. Today, it is the focal point of Nuwara Eliya tourism and a hub of recreation and adventure.

The waterfront and the surrounding Gregory Park is always teeming with eager tourists getting ready to step into swan-shaped paddle boats if they aren’t afloat already. Numerous jet skis skid along the surface carrying someone like you experiencing the most enthralling day of their life. To rush your adrenaline, you can also try water walking balls and windsurfing. To unwind luxuriously, go for an reinvigorating walk in the perfectly manicured park, ride ponies or cycle along the shore, go fishing or simply meditate in the morning!

In the end, rest assured that your dream lake adventure will come true and it will be as clear as your reflection in Lake Gregory’s waters.

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