A Crash Course on Sri Lanka’s Must Visits 0 169

A Crash Course on Sri Lanka’s Must Visits 0 170

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Are you heading to the tropical island for a short time and wondering what exactly you should be doing during that time? This crash course on the must visit places in Sri Lanka will ensure you don’t miss out on anything; especially the good stuff!


Sigiriya is home to the island’s most popular and historic landmarks, the Sigiriya Rock Fortress. The fortress was built by a young prince who sought refuge after murdering his father. It is a vision to behold. Ascend 1,200 rocky, half-steps and you’ll find yourself at the summit of this massive rock. This ancient fortress is one of the most famous places in Sri Lanka.

#YohoTip Visit in the morning to avoid the large crowds.

Nuwara Eliya

If you’re dreaming of tea and long, scenic train rides, book your train tickets to Nuwara Eliiya. This quiet town in the hills used to be know as Little England by the early invaders. While you’re in Nuwara Eliya, make it a point to have tea in the garden. Enjoy a fresh cup of Ceylon tea while admiring the misty mountainous views. Trekking to Horton Plains should also be added to your list. Horton Plains is a protected national park. Some of the top things to do in Horton Plains include trekking to Worlds End, Little Worlds End and the beautiful Bakers Falls.


The iconic, sacred Buddhist temple, Sri Dalada Maligawa attracts millions of worshippers and tourists alike. In the heart of Kandy town lies the pristine white temple, often referred to as the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic. The tooth of Lord Buddha’s is believed to be kept inside a golden casket. Every year, a grand cultural and religious procession takes place, where the tooth relic is paraded through the streets.


The Dutch Fort located in the old town of Galle is a historic landmark in Sri Lanka. Attractions within the fort include the Lighthouse and the Clock tower. Stroll along the ramparts of the fort and enjoy breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean or walk along the cobbled pathways and admire the architecture. The Dutch Fort was first built by the Portuguese, then fortified by the Dutch and then occupied by the British. Architectural influences in the shape of buildings and religious shrines, from the town’s troublesome past is quite evident in the area.


Once rocked with the terrors of Sri Lanka’s longest civil war, Jaffna is an undiscovered gem in the north of the island. Jaffna is an undiscovered paradise. For those eager to step away from the crowds, Jaffna will provide you with a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle.

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