7 Reasons why Sri Lanka Should be on Every Traveller’s Bucket List 0 211

7 Reasons why Sri Lanka Should be on Every Traveller’s Bucket List 0 212

A pearl-shaped island in the midst of the azure Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is the perfect tropical getaway. With the effervescent sun, warm, sun-kissed beaches, rollicking ocean winds, quaint villages, exotic jungles and verdant hillsides, Sri Lanka offers a myriad of enchanting possibilities that only an island can boast of and if you’re on the lookout for a sun and fun packed holiday, look no further than Sri Lanka.

1- Relax on a plethora of beaches

Forget the Caribbean or Cannes, Sri Lanka is home to over 1,330 kilometres of dazzling, pristine and near-deserted beaches. Coconut palms fringe the wind-swept shorelines and the jewel-like waters with silver tipped waves boast of an average temperature of 27 degrees Celsius all year around. But the beaches are more than places where you can sunbathe and lounge; they double as spaces for adventure too with both the West and East Coast home to a numerous exhilarating water sports and activities.

2- Get wonderstruck by history

Sri Lanka is dotted with ancient cities that are threaded with stories of eras bygone. Cities like Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura still carry ruins from the past kingdoms. Sri Lanka offers a dizzying array of sacred sites that are jam-packed with ruins so prepare to be dazzled by ancient citadels, frescoes, manmade reservoirs, water and boulder gardens, monuments and monasteries, stone inscriptions all dating back to thousands of years as you travel back in time to the golden history of Sri Lanka.

3- Retreat into the wilds

Sri Lanka is brimming with wildlife. The island’s national parks are spread across hundreds of acres and teeming with colourful flora and fauna. With hordes of elephants, elusive leopards, thousands of brightly hued birds and a host of other mammals, reptiles and birdlife, the wilds of Sri Lanka are an adventure you wouldn’t want to miss.

4- Unwind in the pastoral countryside

The hill country of Sri Lanka has certain rose-tainted accents of the English countryside with tailing tea bushes and wildflowers in bloom tucked amidst the nooks and crannies of undulating hills. With cool winds, mild weather and rolling sheets of mist shrouding everything, the picture-perfect hill country of Sri Lanka is the place to be if you’re looking for a holiday that includes a steaming cup of Ceylon tea and hours of immersing yourself in the best nature has to offer.

5- Expand your palette

Sri Lankan food is an exciting fusion of the spicy, the sweet and the sour. Comprising of seafood with an island twist, tropical fruits galore, spicy village meals served on banana leaves, roadside eateries, silkly desserts and traditional sweetmeats, sampling Sri Lankan food is an explosion of flavours and fun.

6- Revel in the myriad of accommodation

Sri Lanka has a lot to offer when it comes to accommodation. From elegant business hotels, lavish 5 star accommodations, cozy villas nestled in the mountainside, cottages set in rustic backgrounds, chalets on the beach and campsites under the stars, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

7- Bask in good old Sri Lankan hospitality

A dose of warm Sri Lankan hospitality will work wonders on your tired soul. From the airport to the hotel and everywhere you go, it’s all smiles, smiles and smiles. Sri Lankans are as warm as the sunshine that embraces the island and the hospitality of the islanders will make Sri Lanka your home away from home.

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