6 Things To Do On A Girl’s Trip to Sri Lanka 0 240

6 Things To Do On A Girl’s Trip to Sri Lanka 0 241

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If there’s one question that’s common to all the women in the world, it undoubtedly is ‘why should boys have all the fun?’ Gone are the days when females and their friendships were constricted to the closest ice-cream parlour. Today, their packs set feet in far-off and exotic locations. The most popular one of those locations is Sri Lanka. So, what is about Sri Lanka that makes it the ultimate G-trip destination? Read on to know the top things you can do with your gal pals on your trip to the island nation.

Take Sri Lanka’s Iconic Train Trips

The island of Sri Lanka is tear shaped. Your experience on the trains in the country, however, is going to be completely opposite with some journeys trumping others by a long shot. One such experience of a ride from Kandy to Ella, will bestow you with the most picturesque views. Your train will pass through many local hillside villages and on your route, you’ll spot many women picking leaves from the tea plantations. If any of your girlies is not on board with the idea of trains, tell her how clean, affordable and comfortable the journeys are. Within no time they all will be ready to hop on the train and it’ll be a full house. It takes about 3 mesmerising hours from Kandy to reach Ella so you’ll have enough time to chit, chat, laugh and not snore! You can do that when you at your hotel in Ella Sri Lanka.

Watch the Wonderful Wildlife

The best way to diss our friends is by giving them animal names. But what if you got to watch their animal eponyms from real close? Sounds like a fun deal! Exactly where, you ask. Everywhere! You’ll be amazed to know that the country has about 25 National Parks, so it’s pretty much everywhere. Don’t be surprised to wake up to the chirping of birds before your alarm starts to ring in. However, if you want to avoid the crowds and explore at your own pace, Uda Walawe and Kaudulla National Park are your places to be. If elephants outside your window is what you want to wake up to, then you must book a stay at Pinnawala. You can also see them dance at the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage.

Surfing in the Tropical Waves

Judgement is totally off the table when you go an excursion with your girl gang. It’s the best time to do things you’ve never done before. One of them could be surfing in the high-quality waves and warm water of the island nation. The South Coast of Sri Lanka is densely dotted with surf houses. If you are there during the season time, then you should try the surf houses on the hidden shores of Weligama and Okanda. You can also try Arugam Bay for the best surfing experience. Who knows you turn out being good at it? If not, then you are just being yourself in front of your friends, which has been pretty much all your life! So win-win.

Avail the Spices

As we begin to write this section we can already imagine captions on your Instagram food photos; and the first one being, “Spice Girls”. No other caption could resonate better with the flavoursome culinary heaven your palate will experience in Sri Lanka. The fiery and hot curries are worth a shot and a glass of water. The flavours are powerfully unique to the land. Lamprais, Iso Vadai, Wambatu Moju, Hoppers, Kiribath, are a few must-try dishes from the Sri Lankan cuisine. Complement your food items with sweet caramelised onions in Seeni Sambal (onion relish) and scintillate your senses. Don’t ditch the fresh barbequed sea food on the coastal shacks and restaurants.

Explore the Country on the Tuk-tuk

Riding on a tuk-tuk, a three-wheeled vehicle, is an experience in itself. You can even learn and drive the colourful little go-cart around the towns yourself. If not everywhere, it sure is recommended in Galle, Colombo. Sharing a tuk-tuk with your girlfriends sure sounds exciting.

Watch a Cultural Show at the Kandyan Art Association, Kandy

The entertaining performance showcases acrobats and dancers telling tales of Sri Lankan snake charmers, peacocks and cobras. The splendid climax of the show includes dancers walking on fire. Imagine all your crazy exes walking there too and within no time it will become the highlight of your G-trip.

Go Shopping in Colombo

Is a G-trip even complete without having to purchase an extra bag to accommodate all the stuff that you bought? No girl has ever said a yes to that. Along with other things, buy that extra bag too in Colombo. If you want to shop upscale then visit Beverly Hills, Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct, Odel Mall or the Independence Square Arcade. If local is the way you sway then Good Market, Beema Market and Pettah Market surely deserve a visit. From local handicrafts to fresh vegetables, you’ll find everything you need. If you wonder women have a knack for purchasing articles that have a reflection of indigenous cultures then there are a lot of boutique shops in Havelock town. Havelock town is a part of the suburbs just outside the city of Colombo.

Rest assured you’ll connect on a different level with your friends when your trip gets over. The next time someone says, ‘we’ve seen it all together’, Sri Lanka would have been a part of it. Pack your memories well while you leave this unforgettable country. Apologies in advance, there’s no suitcase for that.

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