5 Ways to Avoid Travel Stress 0 254

5 Ways to Avoid Travel Stress 0 255

Let’s face it – vacation can be stressful sometimes. “Who has the tickets?”, “Did you pack your shoes?”, “Didn’t we just pass this landmark already?”… The old adage “I need a vacation from my vacation” cannot be truer in situations like these, especially when on a family vacation.  

Going on a vacation can be a test of anyone’s patience and nerves – whether you’re going alone, as a couple, a group of friends or with your family. We, being the helpful folk we are, wanted to share a few tips on how you can ease the tension on your next trip, especially if you’re heading to a trip to Sri Lanka because, hey, we want you to enjoy the very best of our Paradise Island!

If your idea of a perfect Sri Lankan holiday is to wake up to something like this, here are five ways to avoid travel stress:


When on a vacation, remember to always pack lightly. The more luggage you have, the more stressed out you’ll be when a tricky situation comes around. On your vacation, especially to Sri Lanka, you’ll want to dress comfortably and practically too. Pack your more versatile clothes, things that can be worn both actively and will also work as something for dressing up. Clothes where you can sit, stand and walk for hours on an end while still looking fashionable (if you want to look fashionable, that is!).

Here’s another handy tip- roll your clothes instead of folding them as this will not wrinkle clothes and there will also be more space in the suitcase. And remember to go light on the shoes. One or two pairs will always be enough.

Dealing with jetlag

The last thing you need is for your vacation to be ruined by that annoying jet lag. Taking care of your body is the first important step and you need to make sure that you are eating well and remain hydrated before your flight. Before you leave, start adjusting your sleep schedule to match the timezone of your intended vacation. Avoid taking sleeping pills because it can mess up your sleeping patterns more and you’ll probably wake up groggy instead of refreshed. 

Avoiding the ‘getting lost’ dilemma

There’re two ways to deal with when you’re lost in a place that you’re unfamiliar with – enjoy the mystery or solve the problem. If getting lost is your type of adventure, now is the perfect time to throw yourself with full gusto to find your way back and discover the nooks and crannies of the place that you may have missed by sticking to the main tourist areas.

For those who don’t prefer getting lost and wandering about, the first step when you realise that you’ve lost your way is to ask someone. Another option is to pull up Google Maps or whatever app you use for directions and plot a course where you need to be. If you don’t have an international data plan, make sure you download a map of the city or area you are in before heading out.  

Finding lost things

Lost things often stay lost but if you act fast, chances are that you can recover your stuff faster. First off, don’t panic. Contact the place where you assume you left your item and check if someone has turned your things in to those in charge. If you’ve no luck, retrace your steps and check if you dropped it along the routes you took.

In case of robbery, call the local police immediately and make sure you have your important documents backed up on your mobile phones so you can pull them up whenever needed.

Handling unruly kids

Travelling with kids is always difficult, no matter what their ages are, but the young ones are especially difficult to handle as they are thrown out of their usual routines to situations that excite, confuse and challenge them.

The first step is to try and keep the routine as normal as possible. If their favourite toys, snacks and bedtimes stay relatively the same, you’re off to a good start. Let them know that there is a trip coming up so they aren’t taken unawares. Try to keep things as simple and streamlined as possible. The best way to calm your kids is to be calm yourself, so always try to keep your cool.


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