5 Tips For Getting Back To Work After Vacation 0 224

5 Tips For Getting Back To Work After Vacation 0 225

‘If only we could be on a vacation forever…’

This is often the passing thought when you are aboard your flight back from that magical week spent in Sri Lanka, and are quite scared of the daily grind that awaits you. It is in this moment that you long to be back at the carefree hotels in Nugegoda and Nuwara Eliya, or at the sun-kissed sands of Mirissa and Bentota. No surprises, then, that the end of holidays often spells depression and anxiety for many.

Termed as Post-Travel Depression (PTD) or post-vacation blues, the condition makes it incredibly difficult to get back to work and to the normalcy of life after a particularly glorious holiday. The symptoms are often tiredness, dissatisfaction, frustration, anger, and exasperation. So, how do you tackle it? Here are five fool-proof tips:

  1.      Don’t Rush

Take it easy. It is always important to give yourself enough time to rest and recover from the travel, and ensure that you have a couple of spare days before you head to the office. Also, avoid meetings and other important tasks on the day of the return. Give yourself time to prepare.

  1.      Recreate Your Trip

The disconnection from your vacation doesn’t need to be sudden. Reminiscing the amazing time you had will help you recover from any post-vacation blues. Try finding a restaurant in your city which serves authentic meals from the country you visited. Try listening to music you might have heard during your travels. In your mind, keep the travel alive.

  1.      Plan Another Holiday

Can’t get the trip out of your head? Make another Sri Lanka hotel booking if you want to revisit the country, or simply pick the next place in your bucket list. Nothing beats the rush of planning another holiday, which is exactly what you should do to put to bed any lingering depressing thoughts. If you’re feeling overwhelmed back at work, simply chalk out a new travel plan. According to various studies, doing so will boost your happiness tremendously.

  1.      Share Your Experience

Every leisure trip is almost always a life-defining experience, so it is only fair that you share all the wonderful moments, incidents, videos, photographs, and souvenirs with your loved ones. Recounting all the wonderful days will make you feel satisfied, and accomplished, and truly dull any PTD.    

  1.      Flaunt Your Souvenirs

Evoking nostalgia is one of the best mood enhancing activities you can do post return, and arranging souvenirs counts as one! Frame those photos, position those art pieces, wear the clothes you bought, and flaunt every inch of memorabilia you acquired from the trip at home and work.


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