5 Rocking Sri Lankan Places the Locals Wish Were Still a Secret 0 267

5 Rocking Sri Lankan Places the Locals Wish Were Still a Secret 0 268

Galle Fort

Sri Lanka is rather new to the must-visit travel destinations list, but it is nothing short of the magnificent wonders that make a place worth planning a vacation. Sri Lanka is made up of golden beaches, sprawling tea plantations, mighty animals, centuries of history and heritage and just about anything you can think of. As the world rushes to the teardrop of the Indian ocean, commercialisation and footfall have substantially increased. The locals surely wish that the travellers could un-discover some places to safeguard their significance. Here are 5 places from the finest island of the world that are better left alone:


Historic significance is the song behind the nostalgia that defines this 16th-century town. The view of the sea and villas from the Dutch Era are worth visiting at least once. The Fort is a World Heritage Site and the biggest sea fort built by Europeans ever. However, more and more passengers march up to pay reverence to the cobblestoned roads teeming with cafes. The Unawatuna beach within walking distance is another matter of much regale among tourists.


Another World Heritage Site, Sigiriya is one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world. The towering rock stands alone in the vicinity and thusly attracts enthusiast from around the world. The panoramic view that that lofty landscape offers is rather unmatched across the nation.


Polonnaruwa, on the other hand, stands unheeded by most tourists. It is often compared to the Petra of Jordan. The ancient city is now in ruins but still reflects the grandeur of ancient architecture and traditions. The site is well maintained which provides a good taste of Lankan culture and history. Accommodation in Polonnaruwa has been witnessing a steady growth owing to the momentous worth of the place.

Yala National Park

When in Sri Lanka, missing out on the Yala National Park is like missing Taj Mahal or Goa in India. Sri Lanka is known for its wildlife attractions and its endemic species. It is a common sight to find leopards lazing around on branches or elephants bathing in water bodies. The park offers camping and barbeque opportunities which have had considerable impact on the ecosystem of the forest. The park is a perfect site for photography as well.

Nuwara Eliya

The number of hotels in Nuwara Eliya have exponentially increased as tourists trot to get a taste of one of the best tea in the world. The destination was a vacation spot for the British back in the day and it is known as Little England. The colonial structures like the General’s house and the Queen’s Cottage are set with hills, tea plantations and waterfalls in the backdrop. The tea plantations offer personalized tours inside the plantations including the manufacturing process.

The list of worthy attractions in Sri Lanka goes on. These destinations are on every traveller’s mind and yet the locals wish they could have them all to themselves.

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