5 Hidden Gem Restaurants in Weligama 0 328

5 Hidden Gem Restaurants in Weligama 0 329

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Weligama was once a quiet fishing village with a quiet beach and your local street kade. Over the last few years, the beach town has welcomed a large influx of tourists and locals to its shores, drawing a larger number of Weligama restaurants to the area. Here are 5 hidden gem restaurants that deserve the limelight (some might not be entirely hidden).

The Hummus Bar

The Hummus Bar, named after it’s most famous dish, hummus is a Lebanese restaurants in Weligama. A perfect blend of chickpeas, tahini and Arabian love are combined to create a smooth delicacy.  Hummus can be eaten at any time of the day – as a meal or a snack. They are open from Tuesday to Sunday (closed on Mondays). The Hummus Bar is located on 540 Bypass road, Pelena, Weligama. Fairy lights and unique pieces of art work by the owner’s friends and guests decorate the restaurant. In addition to selling a dish of hummus for LKR 700, diners can also find other iconic delicacies such as falafel, batata harra, baba ghanoush and tabbouleh on the menu. The Hummus Bar bakes fresh Arabic bread everyday.

Hangten Rooftop Restaurant

Diners can enjoy an unhindered view of Weligama beach from Hangten Rooftop Restaurant. Diners can choose from a variety of cuisines, local or international. Hangten is usually open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, except on Wednesday where they close at 6pm. The restaurant also hosts an Open Mic session every Monday. The restaurant is located on No. 540 Weligama Bypass road, Weligama.

Turtle Bay Seafood Restaurant

Turtle Bay Seafood Restaurant, a family restaurant serving a mix of delectable cuisines. But, if your heart is after local cuisine, this is the ideal place to get a dose of exotic island spices and tantalizing flavours. The restaurant is located on 253/A Bandarawaththa, Weligama, in proximity to well known down south hotels.

Rotti Shop Weligama

The island’s most popular dish, roti. Though there are a number of street food stalls located in the town, the Rotti Shop Weligama is different. It’s been around for a while and popular amongst locals and travelers. The Rotti Shop Weligama is the ideal place to get your hands on kottu and other type of rotti dishes. Guests can dine indoors or outdoors – as the view of the Weligama beach  from here is spectacular.  It’s located on Beech Park, Weligama.

Chef Akila Kitchen

Chef Akila Kitchen is a beach side restaurant that mostly caters to beach-goers. The restaurant has plastic tables and chairs for diners, both indoors and outdoors. The restaurant is most famous for its serving of the traditional local rice and curry at a rate of LKR 600. Seafood lovers will love this restaurant in particular, as they serve crabs, crayfish and prawns in different styles.

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