5 Helpful Travel Apps To Explore Sri Lanka In Style 0 457

5 Helpful Travel Apps To Explore Sri Lanka In Style 0 458

OK folks, we think it’s high time we embraced travel apps. One of the most exciting parts of a vacation is the anticipation of it all – tickets and hotels are booked, the itinerary is (somewhat) planned out, the guide book is bought and well-thumbed long before you arrive and your smartphone is ready for the onslaught of travel apps.

We took a good look around the plethora of travel apps (besides Yoho Bed, which you already have!) and have narrowed it down to five you need to have when travelling in Sri Lanka with style. So, no matter when you’re going, if you’re using Android or iOS, get installing – you won’t regret it.


The indisputable choice when it comes to honest reviews across the globe. The Tripadvisor app is easy to use and navigate and covers everything under the sun related to vacationing – including accommodation options, restaurants, things to do and attractions to see. It’s also very easy to search for a specific destination or if you’re looking for recommendations, like for example, hotels in Colombo, you just need to type is out and Tripadvisor will do the rest for you.

We all know the fame of the Tripadvisor website for years but the app has a myriad of amazing features that will help make your vacation in Sri Lanka all the more enjoyable.

XE Currency

If you’re like most of us and can’t figure out what LKR 1,459,22 is in US dollars at the drop of a hat or if your math skills are a bit rusty, you may want to install the currency exchange app XE to figure it out. Just make sure that you update the exchange rates before you head out so you get the most accurate rates when there is no WiFi available.

Google Translate

A golden oldie, Google Translate has an amazing offline and real-time translation feature. You won’t feel completely lost in Sri Lanka if you have access to this gem of an app.  You can either type in a word box or use the speaking option to translate a phrase. All you have to do is download the page you need and aim the camera at the text you need translated and, Boom, instant translation.

#YohoTip You can also check out our quick guide for speaking the local Sri Lankan language here.


This app identifies where you are and then lists the nearest bank, gas station, hospital, supermarket, hotel, restaurant, taxi company, etc. This app is useful if you want a quick bite or are looking to buy something and is absolutely crucial if you’re suddenly taken ill.


Got a trip coming up that includes more than one hotel or flight? Or are you just not very good at keeping track of booking numbers? Then TripIt is your new best friend. This app is a bit like a pocket travel agent and is especially useful for independent travellers and for travellers on a tight schedule who need to be super organised to make the most of their visit.

TripIt pulls together travel information from your confirmation email for flights, rental cars, hotels and events books and converts all of it into a single itinerary. All you’ve got to do is forward your emails to the app and it’ll do the rest. You can sync your travel plans with your mobile calendar, enter key activities, like climb the Sigiriya Rock, and also post your travel plans on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you’re travelling to Sri Lanka as a group, you can easily share and coordinate plans with this app.

Yoho Bed

Last but not least, not to toot our own horn but our app is pretty cool. With hundred of properties to select from and deals to get you packing travelling with Yoho Bed is seriously, a no brainer. Not to pat ourselves on the head but since 2016, we have grown from a small network of hotels in Colombo to over 500+ properties for our favourite community of holiday-goers.

What are your favourite apps to travel with?

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