5 Exciting Ways to be a Traveller in your Hometown 0 284

5 Exciting Ways to be a Traveller in your Hometown 0 285

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They say a home is where the heart is. And a heart knows everything, doesn’t it? In that case, have you ever pondered about how well do you know your hometown? As travellers, we often seek escape as soon as the next weekend approaches, without ever thinking that the next great adventure lies right where we live.

Every city and town is full of history, art, culture and hidden delights, and so is yours. And the best thing is that you don’t even have to worry about flight tickets or time wasted on commute. Is there any bigger incentive to become a traveller in your hometown, then? Here are five amazing things you can do explore your hometown like never before:

Don’t stay at your home

The first and foremost rule of being a tourist in your own city is to behave like one. If you are, let’s say from Colombo, then try to get an accommodation in a hotel or a guest house in Colombo. The very feeling of staying in a novel rented accommodation will set you in the perfect mood to travel around.

Get a kickass camera

Give your adventure in your city a purpose. Maintain a diary, update regularly on social media about your discoveries (or shall we say re-discoveries?), and best of all, click photographs. Buying a high quality DSLR or a decent camera will allow you to capture your hometown and your neighbourhood like never before. Surely, this will allow you to appreciate the beauty of your city and discover hidden gems all around!

Get aboard a guided city tour

Most cities have guided city tour packages for travellers which can be a great point for you to start your journey. A guided tour will allow you to gather the best that your city has to offer in terms of monuments, tourist attractions, historical places, local restaurants and markets, and much more. This can be a sort of refresher course for you that will serve to reacquaint you with your town and allow you to know more about it from the perspective of the guides. This also gives you a chance to mingle with tourists and experience the city through their eyes.

Stick to walking

Ditch your car and start using public transport. Take new routes and visit stops and stations where you have never been to. Most of all, walk as much as you can. It will allow you to take the sights in slowly and observe much more about your city. Don’t be surprised to stumble upon a road that leads to a majestic park no one talks about or a private corner at one of the best beaches in Sri Lanka!

Bury yourself in local history and art

Museums and libraries are where the heritage of your hometown’s history and legacy lie. Be it art, craft, culture, or books, every city has its own myriad tastes that are often left undiscovered by the locals. As a tourist in your town, you must visit all these wonderful arenas where the true spirit of your city resides.

Don’t wait anymore! Your next big adventure is right outside your doorstep.

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