4 Ways To Survive An Unplanned Vacation 0 163

4 Ways To Survive An Unplanned Vacation 0 164

Of all the unexpected lemons life can throw at you, an unplanned vacation is definitely high on our list of favourites. Sometimes you just find yourself in dire need to get away or someone you’d like to get away with, without any care in the world (ergo, no planning). While planning comes with its own set of advantages, an unplanned vacation has a charm of its own – it’s spontaneous, fun and as adventurous as it gets.

Nevertheless, here’s a round-up of 4 basic ways to survive an unplanned vacation.

  1. Pack Light

The one ground rule to follow when taking an unplanned vacation is to travel light. You’re not necessarily sure about the tiny details yet – how you’re going to be making short distance travel, is it going to be by bus, train or a rented car; you’re not sure how much time you’re going to spend out in the open camping, hiking, etc. It is thus, best to travel light so you can be quick on your feet and not limited by the weight of excess baggage. Also make sure to leave empty space in your bag to make room for must-haves that you pick along your travel.

  1. Pack Smart

Packing light doesn’t mean you just pick up whatever falls out of your closet. Make sure you carry all essentials, things you know you won’t be able to do without. It’s advisable to carry neutral colours and quick dry undergarments. The clothes you pack should be low maintenance – be it a rugged brown jacket or dark jeans/ track bottoms. Take your pick as to what’s important to carry but do not forget a comfortable pair of shoes. These are going to prove to be your best friend when you head out of your beautiful Weligama accommodation to explore the area’s sandy sweep bay.

#YohoTip: For the packing enthusiasts, we’ve listed down packing guides for both men and women, just in case you wanted to have a read! 

  1. Carry necessary travel documents

Travelling to a foreign country, your identification documents and passport are a must have. Make sure you carry all important travel documents with utmost care and do not risk losing them. The last thing you want is to ruin your holiday experience by being unable to present your documents when required and causing trouble for yourself.

  1. Book a safe, convenient accommodation

You may be in the middle of planning which places to cover, but we would strongly recommend that you make your Colombo hotel booking, so at least your primary point of departure and arrival is sorted.

Yoho Bed accommodations across Sri Lanka are super easy to book, they’re safe and most importantly, affordable.

Another important tip, don’t forget to keep your near and dear ones informed about your whereabouts.

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