4 Tips to Stay Healthy While Travelling 0 161

4 Tips to Stay Healthy While Travelling 0 162

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When you are bitten by the travel bug, seldom do you pay heed to anything else. You want to explore the world to the fullest, experience sights unseen and relish every moment you learn something new. Then why is it that we find ourselves struggling to cope with our health, sometimes towards the end of the trip, and sometimes once it’s done? If you enjoy travelling, travelling healthy is just as necessary.

Luckily, due to Sri Lanka’s diverse terrain, you are exposed to different worlds that challenge you, tease you to conquer them, and allow you to create a space to heal yourself in. You can get fit, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Yes, you should absolutely walk a lot, exercise regularly or even trek a lot, but there are some things you should be cautious about so that your health is in its prime while you are exploring new spaces.

Rest well

If you have travelled across time-zones to reach your destination, remember to recover well. Your body would need a little more time to adjust to the new time zone. By resting well at any one of our hotels in Colombo, you avoid feeling sleepy and drab for rest of the trip, allowing you to make the most of your travel plans

Avoid over-exertion

Be it the rush of visiting each and every tourist spot, or the excitement of heading out trekking, having a hectic schedule and over-exerting yourself while travelling can easily cause you to fall sick. Allow yourself space to breathe, pace yourself in full awareness. Rest and recoup in your accommodation at Kandy when you feel you need to. Pushing yourself well beyond your limits can seriously impair your travel plans for the coming days.

Be open to a spiritual experience

Many travellers look at travel as a spiritual experience as they get to understand themselves and their companions better when on a trip. But taking out some time to relax and meditate, especially in known spiritual spots of your travel destination can really help you open your mind and soul in ways unknown. You can also indulge in sports and activities that allow you to connect with yourself and not just the ones that are mainstream.

Balance your meals

Food is definitely one of the biggest aspects to be excited about when travelling. Sticking to a pure, clean diet may not help you explore the regional tastes to its best. Similarly, gorging on the junk food or heavy local food may not be pleasant for your health. Balance out heavy meals during the day with light bites at night. People in Sri Lanka love their spices and crisps. Be mindful of what you’re eating and you will have a healthy stomach as well as a satisfied palate.

Travelling is a journey that can bring out the best of us and give us some incredible memories. Nurture your health while travelling and you will find your sojourn is all the more enjoyable!

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