4 Joys of Staying at a Budget Accommodation 0 296

4 Joys of Staying at a Budget Accommodation 0 297

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Accommodation arrangements can eat into any travel budget, even when travelling to Sri Lanka where it is assumed affordable. Budget accommodations are a great way to dramatically reduce this fixed cost on trips. Today, budget accommodations have a positive connotation as compared to a few years ago. Due to the advent of online booking services the way people stay away from home has never been the same. Are you planning a Sri Lanka budget trip and is it your first time staying at a budget accommodation? Below are a few reasons that are will leave you pleasantly surprised:

  1. Live Like a Local

Most budget accommodations are located amidst town houses, neighbourhoods and condos, making you feel as if you belong to the city or town. These houses also have more character than a hotel room and are each unique in their own way. Hotels can feel cookie-cutter and with budget accommodations you get to experience the true local life.

  1. Flexibility

Hotels can be quiet stringent with their check-out policies and in a majority of cases they don’t accommodate guests staying beyond the set time. With budget accommodations you’ll find the same does not apply in most cases. You are able to negotiate timings that suit your schedule, which leaves you stress- and hassle-free. Cancellation polices are also often negotiable.

  1. More Space for Less Money

If you’re staying through an online booking platform such as Yoho Bed, you have the opportunity to pick the entire place for yourself. Hotels in most countries, require you to book a two rooms if you’re travelling with more than two people. This can amount to a drastic expense when calculated. If a comparison is drawn, with platforms like Yoho Bed, you’re able to book a room in Kandy in a central location for almost half the price as opposed to hotel rooms.

  1. Amenities

In most budget accommodations, you have the entire kitchen at your disposal, which helps you save a lot of money. You can go to the marketplace and buy all ingredients necessary for your meal and prepare them as you wish. Most of these accommodations come with a washer and dryer as well. This is great if you’re travelling with your family as you won’t need to carry dirty laundry around.

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