4 Delicious Eats Exclusive to Sri Lanka 0 205

4 Delicious Eats Exclusive to Sri Lanka 0 206


The pearl drop in the Indian Ocean, that is Sri Lanka, isn’t just known for its scenic beauty but also for the spicy palate associated with the Sri Lankan cuisine. Food lovers around the globe come trotting to Sri Lanka to experience the different scrumptious treats that can be experienced at every pitstop. Despite being a small island nation, the food trail here can quite simply leave you stuffed and extremely satiated.

While there are food gems everywhere in this country, some dishes and treats stand out due to their uniqueness that is Sri Lankan to its core. They have been a hit with the locals as well as the tourists. We recommend you try them out when you’re staying on the island nation.

  1. Lamprais: The beautiful dish steamed in a banana leaf dates back to the colonial times when the Dutch were still settled here. In today’s time they are primarily made by the Burgher community. Infused in a rich spice mix of cardamom, cloves and cinnamon, meats, boiled eggs, frikkadels and sambol along with rice are wrapped up in a banana leaf to steam. Best served hot!
  2. Isso Vadai: The gloriously crunchy snack is a popular street eat among the masses. Beautiful lentil cakes are loaded with spice and are either topped off with prawns or are mixed into the patty. One of the best spots to have isso vadai is at Galle Face Green, the hub of street food in Colombo and walking distance from Yoho Justice Mawatha and Yoho Rotunda Gardens. You’ll spot scores of carts selling this dangerously addictive snack. Munching on it and basking in the lovely view of the Indian Ocean is quite an experience!
  3. Wambatu Moju: The sweet and sour pickle made with eggplant is a perfect condiment on your lunch table. Deep-fried and sliced, the eggplant is caramelised with a lot of salt, sugar, soy sauce and oil. When served as a side dish, it provides an appreciative contrast to the famously spicy Sri Lankan curries. When stopping by at any of our hotels in Bambalapitiya, don’t forget to ask for some wambutu moju when you order in from room service.
  4. Wattalapam: A decadent dessert that is best described as a heavenly treacle and coconut milk flan, wattalapam is indulgence in every bite. Made with the native kitul jaggery, the smooth, rich sweetness of the dessert wins you over on the first taste. The treat is best served chilled and one serving is never enough for anyone!
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