4 Colombo Bookshops for the City’s Bibliophiles 0 181

4 Colombo Bookshops for the City’s Bibliophiles 0 182


Travelling and exploring the nature’s marvel that Sri Lanka is, can indeed be a wonderful experience. Just as incredible is the spread of bookstores in and around Colombo, making a Sri Lankan trip for a bibliophile all the more precious. One can easily spot many bookstores with big, bold boards in the city, selling first-hand and second-hand books among popular titles, collections and antique books. And then there are some hole-in-the-wall shops known for the books that are very rarely found in today’s time. Quite a few of these bookshops are a tuk-tuk ride away from your hotel in Colombo Fort; you can also board a bus to travel a little further ahead to a cluster of popular bookstores, walking distance from each other. We have shortlisted the best pit-stops that the bibliophile in you can’t miss out on:

  • Sarasavi – The Bookshop

Ask a Sri Lankan about the best bookstore they know – chances are that you will hear the name Sarasavi. One of the largest bookstore chains in the country, Sarasavi is a complete delight to visit. The shop stocks up on every kind of book conceivable – new releases, children’s reads, young adult literature, and a lot more. What makes the bookstore stand out among the rest is the huge collection of non-fiction books it houses for purchase. For the best experience, head to the Nugegoda branch, a 10-km ride from your hotel in Cinnamon Gardens.

  • M.D. Gunasena

Another household name is M.D. Gunasena that has been around since 1913! They have a wide range of books in popular languages including Sinhala and Tamil. M.D. Gunasena’s branch at Concept bookstore in Bambalapitiya is extremely popular among the crowd due to its unique interior designs that lend it a beautiful ambience and feel.

  • Deen The Bookman

A treasure cove of second-hand books, Deen The Bookman has charmed its way into the heart of the Sri Lankans. Situated in Slave Island, Deen’s bookshop also doubles up as a lending library, and therefore becomes a must-visit for tourists staying in Colombo for longer. Visit his stall at The Good Market, set up every Saturday and stocked up on timeless titles that have found patrons over the years.

  • Chapters

A sweet little bookstore in Colombo 04, Chapters is a relatively new bookshop that is finding a solid foothold as a hangout spot for the city’s bibliophiles. The bookshop has been designed to create the look of wonderfully cozy reading nook, so don’t be surprised if you feel like spending hours here. The store’s small café feeds this feeling, where you can easily snap some photos for your social media, catch up on a good read with a cup of coffee and even indulge in your love for art and colouring with their collection of adult colouring books.

Books have the power to transport you to a whole new world. So don’t forget to head to these bookstores in Colombo to pick up some treasures to take back home.

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