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If you’re a foodie or a lover of all things flavoursome and delicious, a big part of enjoying your travels come from experiencing and indulging in various types of cuisines from all over the world. Truth be told, the cuisine of a country reveals much more about a country than a flavour profile. A part of experiencing everything that a country has to offer comes from also indulging in local foods that you have never tried in your life.

The cuisine and the dishes of the local cuisine speak volumes about the culture or the background of a country. Everything from the spices that are used to the way the food is presented speak volumes about the country.

If you want to truly experience Sri Lanka for all that it is, you need to try out some of the local foods before bidding farewell to the little paradise island. Trying out the local cuisine will complete your experience of the country.

Mentioned below are some of the local foods that we think you should definitely try before heading back home.


Rice & Curry

If you have been travelling across Sri Lanka for a bit and you’ve come across this dish on many of the menus that you’ve looked at but never been daring enough to order, you need to try this dish out because it doesn’t get much more local than a delicious plate of rice and curry.

Rice and curry is a very traditional dish that locals consume on a daily basis in most households across the country. It includes a generous portion of rice and various types of curries that will make your taste buds sing.

When in Sri Lanka, trying out the classic rice and curry dish is a must.


Fresh Seafood

Aside from the tourism industry, one of the industries that gained a lot of traction for decades was the fishing industry and this is because of the coastal areas all across the island and the abundance of seafood.

When you’re walking down the shoreline in the coastal areas, you’re likely to see vendors and restaurants that will offer to cook you some fresh seafood in front of you. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to taste some mouthwatering seafood.

Seafood is big all throughout Sri Lanka and it is definitely something that you need to taste and try out for yourself before concluding your trip.


The Kottu

If you’ve come across rattling noises of metal blades clinking against each other and sizzling noises as you walk past roadside shops in the country, you can definitely be sure that you’re in the vicinity of a kottu shop.

Kottu is a local dish that is loved by tons of tourists. They have various types of kottu and they are made by chopping up roti otherwise known as flatbread using two metal blades and this is what tends to make all the commotion during the cooking process. Lots of other ingredients are added in and it makes for a very flavoursome dish.

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