3 Awesome Things That Sri Lanka Gave to the World 0 179

3 Awesome Things That Sri Lanka Gave to the World 0 180


Sri Lanka is known around the world for its picturesque beaches, lush greenery and colonial architecture but little did you know that you’re likely to discover a whole bunch of amazing things native to the beautiful island.

Here’s a look at 3 awesome things Sri Lanka must be credited for giving to the world:

  • Sri Lankan Hoppers

Giving English crepes a run for their money, Sri Lankan hoppers are delicious pancake-like delicacies made from coconut milk, coconut water and fermented rice flour. They’re the Lankan version of south Indian appams, distinct in the delicious blend of textures – a crisp outside, tapered to a spongy centre. The bowl shape of the Lankan hopper makes it perfect for pouring in and soaking up aromatic Sri Lankan curries and spicy relishes called sambals. One of the most popular variants in Sri Lanka is the egg hopper. It is literally when an egg is cracked into the middle of the hopper and cooked.

  • Ceylon Cinnamon

Ceylon cinnamon also goes by the name of ‘true cinnamon’ or ‘real cinnamon’. This goes to say a lot about its Lankan roots and renowned quality. It is widely popular for its health benefits and is considered superior to other varieties such as Cassia. Did you know that 80% of the world’s cinnamon comes from Sri Lanka? Ceylon cinnamon is used widely in cooking savoury dishes and desserts. To witness its true magic, sprinkle it over hot chocolate and enjoy.

  • Ceylon Tea

Ceylon tea is a super popular form of black tea. It is enjoyed extensively as iced tea as well a nice, warm blend. Nothing beats enjoying a hotta cuppa as you capture the scenic beauty of tea plantation from the balcony of Yoho New Royal Mount Hotel. Despite being a small country, Sri Lanka is home to varying flavours of Ceylon Tea. These are dependent on the soil, climate, precipitation, plant varieties and sunlight. Nevertheless, classic Ceylon tea flavour is predominantly brisk, full and bold. With medium to full tannins, you’re also likely to taste hints of citrus, spice or chocolate.

What makes Sri Lanka truly special is that it is undeniably full of surprises. Every nook and corner sings a unique tale, adding to the overall charm of the stunning island country. Be it hostels in Colombo or hotels in Bambalapitiya, no matter where you’re staying, you’re bound to be stunned by everything Sri Lanka has to offer.

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